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What does Massage do?
Massage lets your muscle system work at its peak by:
Riding the muscles of built up toxins.
Breaking up and loosening subcutaneous scar tissue from exercise.
Increasing nutrition to the muscles and skin.
Reducing stress.
I've never had a massage. What should I expect?


New clients complete a client intake form. Please mention (1) any particular injuries and (2) any particular problem areas you wish addressed. Ask any questions that you like.

This process will take only a few minutes.


You'll be shown

  • the massage room and equipment:
    • table,
    • headrest,
    • drape, and
  • directions to the restroom and shower, which you are welcome to use before/after your massage.


You'll be asked to prepare yourself by disrobing to your comfort level. (The therapist will leave the room while you are preparing yourself.)


The therapist will return in a few minutes, knock on the door to make sure you're ready, and then enter.


The massage will begin most often with client on stomach and take one hour (or 90 minutes if so scheduled).

Feel free to tell the therapist if more or less pressure is needed at any time or if anything hurts. Ask questions, if you wish, or simply relax.


Upon completion, the therapist will indicate that the session is over and allow you to rest on the table.


The therapist will leave the room and you may relax for a few minutes, use the rest room, and dress.
What is a drape?
  A drape is a cotton sheet that will cover you while you're receiving your massage. The therapist will uncover areas while massaging and then recover when done.

You may request certain areas to avoid. The breasts and genital area are never worked on during a massage.
Must I undress?

This is your choice. Please only disrobe to your comfort level. You may leave on briefs, thongs, or anything you wish. Do note, however, that massage is done with oils, so please prepare accordingly — don't wear or leave on anything that may be difficult to wash or may be damaged by oil.

May I decide what is done?
  Yes. Please feel free to point out any areas that you wish to receive extra attention or areas to avoid.
Will it hurt?
  It should not! However, please be aware that you may feel a "good hurt" around areas of tension as that area relaxes. Also points of injury may be discovered that were not initially evident. In either case, please be vocal ... if an area hurts, please say so and the therapists will accommodate.
Is it OK to perform the same day that I have a massage?
  Most leave the massage session in a euphoric state. We do not recommend any important performances or competitions on the day of your massage.
What should I do after a massage?
Drink plenty of water. Massage releases trapped toxins that are best flushed from the body with lots of water.
Some like to shower after their massage. A shower is available for your use before and/or after your massage if desired at no charge.
Most clients experience euphoria and relaxation after their massage. Please don't plan any particularly stressful activities following your massage!
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